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Glucosamine capsules alternative to bad tasting caplets?

2017 February 24



My wife uses glucosamine in caplet form, a kind of tablet. She doesn’t like the taste of them and can barely swallow it. We buy these caplets from the US. The advantage is that the product is a lot cheaper, but nowadays we also need to pay tax, transportation fees and import duties, which makes this product a lot more expensive.

We want to try your glucosamine, but then the capsule kind. I assume that these are a lot easier to take. We don’t want any tablets or caplets.

Capsules are generally easier to take than tablets (or caplets). They are less rough, and flavorless above all. It’s even possible to (if swallowing is difficult) to take the capsule apart and put the loose glucosamine powder in water, fruit juice or yogurt and take it that way.

If you wish we can send a few capsules in a satchel, so your wife can try them to see if it’s something for her.


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