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Which product for osteoarthritis in both hips?

2017 February 24

I’d like to get your advice because there are so many products on the market. Today I was told I’ve osteoarthritis in both hips. What is advisable to order?[arthro-5-rechts]

A few of our products are intended for the treatment of osteoarthritis, especially in the knees and hips. The question is which of these products is best for you depends in part on the severity of the symptoms and in part also of your financial situation.

  •  The cheapest option is glucosamine. This product is suitable for mild to moderate osteoarthritis and is already fairly often successful (in approximately two thirds of the users). The number of capsules per day is 2, which may be taken all at once. The costs are €19.90 per jar, which equals about €6.60 per month.
  • Many people who use glucosamine also take chondroitin. The combination of these two products amplify each other. Then the number of capsules equal 2 glucosamine and 2 chondroitin a day, that can be all taken simultaneously. The cost are €19.90 for a jar of glucosamine and €26.90 for a jar of chondroitin, which equals about €15.60 per month.
  •  The most powerful product is Arthro-5. Aside from glucosamine and chondroitin it contains three other ingredients: MSM, ASU and Hyal-Joint. Arthro-5 is highly recommended in moderate to severe osteoarthritis. The number of capsules is 6 per day, which can be taken at once or twice. The probability of success is high, about 80%. A jar costs €32.90 and is good for one month’s use, so that’s the monthly expense.

The shipping costs are €5. Shipping does not apply when ordering two jars of the same product.

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