Laboratory control

The quality of nutritional supplements rises and falls with the selection of the ingredients. It is essential that they meet strict requirements., therefore, seeks suppliers with the best reputation. But it doesn’t stop there!

While we have the fullest confidence in our suppliers - among which Bioiberica, Stepan Lipid Nutrition, Bergstrom Nutrition, Cyvex Nutrition and Capsugel - and in the quality of the supplements supplied, we want to be able to ascertain ourselves that the quality is absolutely guaranteed - so that we in turn can guarantee quality. therefore joined forces with the independent laboratory KBBL a few years ago. The lab checks the supplements for contaminants such as heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins, mould and bacteria. We are not aware of any other sellers of supplements who work in this way.

All these years the results have been very good. There has never been an outcome in which the product has not met requirements. The concentrations of contaminants with heavy metals, for instance, are consistently far below the values required. Generally they are so low that they are not even detectable using the most sensitive laboratory equipment. And this is the case despite the fact that the raw materials, especially for glucosamine and omega-3 (fishoil), harvested from ever more polluted oceans, are susceptible to pollutants.

This also confirms once again that we have made the right choice with our suppliers. This is, incidentally, no reason to stop having independent checks performed.

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