At you are certain of the very best quality in nutritional supplements. You do not, however, have to pay the highest prices. On the contrary, our prices are among the lowest in the world for high quality supplements.

We achieve this by:

  • Supplying only large units of 180 capsules each.
  • Not conducting expensive advertising campaigns. We rely above all on word of mouth from satisfied customers.
  • Offering our own brand products directly from the factory to the customer, without any wholesaler and/or retailer in between.
  • Not incurring high costs as an internet shop.
  • Being satisfied with a relatively low profit margin.
Without any concessions in our product quality, you will find considerably more affordable than many chemists, drug stores, supermarkets or internet suppliers.

180 capsules of 750 mg each: $23,90 (3 month supply).

There are many suppliers of glucosamine. We do not claim to be the cheapest of all, but we are a very affordable choice. Particularly since you know that you are getting excellent quality and the correct high dosage.

180 capsules of 600 mg each: $31,90 (3 month supply).

There are only a few suppliers of chondroitin as a single product. Our competitors are asking significantly higher prices. At, therefore, you are not only certain to be getting chondroitin from the top manufacturer in the world, the Spanish firm Bioiberica, you are also getting it a very affordable price.

180 softgels of 1,000 mg each: $21,90 (1.5 to 3 month supply).

All over the world many non-brand name standard fish oils (omega-3) are being sold. With these products, one just has to wait and see if the quality proves acceptable. There are also a number of suppliers of high-quality, more concentrated and above all purer fish oil. belongs to this top group with its Marinol fish oil, produced in The Netherlands. We are convinced that we apply the lowest prices of this group, a price level that can even be compared to the lowest-priced standard fish oils.

ASU Forte
180 capsules of 330 mg each: $33,90 (3 month supply).

Supplements with the ingredient ASU can hardly be purchased in Europe and price comparisons are, therefore, not possible. In the US it is a better known product. While supplements are generally a good deal cheaper in that country, ASU is more expensive there than at - a very good indication that we offer an affordable product.

180 capsules of 919 mg each: $36,90 (1 month supply).

Arthro-5 is unique to Because you cannot find this strong combination of ingredients anywhere else, price comparison is not possible. However, our philosophy is that we wish to sell only supplements that most people can afford to buy. This also applies to Arthro-5. We therefore chose relatively low pricing despite the high purchase prices of the ingredients. We venture to say that, if there were competition, you would definitely pay double this amount.

Natural Multi
90 softgels: $23,90 (1,5 month supply).
Natural Multi is, as far as we know, the first completely natural multivitamin and mineral supplement in the world, free of potentially harmful synthetic additions. An honest price comparison to other multivitamins is therefore not possible, because synthetic vitamins are extremely cheap to produce and natural vitamins are not. Because of this Natural Multi is a bit more expensive than standard multivitamins. But we have tried to keep the product affordable and we think we have succeeded.

Volume discounts

You can save even more if you take advantage of our volume discounts. For each product, if you buy 3 bottles, you will receive a discount of $2 per bottle. For 6 bottles, the discount is $3 per bottle and for 12 bottles, $4 per bottle.

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