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Glucosamine effective against gout?

2017 February 22

Does glucosamine also work for women who are 81 years old and it said that they suffer from gout?[glucosamine-links]

Glucosamine and our other supplements are not effective against gout unfortunately.

But those who suffer from it could learn from the following guidelines:

– Avoid foods that are rich in so-called ‘purines’. In this way, the level of uric acid in the body remains low and gout will occur less quickly. Purines are in foods such as shrimp, beans, legumes, organ meats, some fish, some meat products, and soy products.
– Do not drink more than one alcoholic beverage per day.
– The symptoms of gout can be combated by eating 250 grams of cherries daily, or drink a quart of cherry juice. This may also prevent new attacks.
– During an attack it is important to put as less pressure on the painful joint as possible. This reduces inflammation.

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