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Too much potassium by using glucosamine?

2017 March 14

If I am not mistaken glucosamine has a daily dosage (2 capsules) of 510 potassium chloride. According to your website that would be the equivalent of half a banana and four wholegrain sandwiches. If I (52 years, female) take 2 capsules of glucosamine on a daily basis and eat a banana and two sandwiches next to other food, don’t I consume too much potassium?[glucosamine-links]

A daily dosage of 2 capsules of glucosamine contains 510  mg. That equals 268 mg potassium (without chloride). This amount of potassium equals the quantity of half a banana or four wholegrain sandwiches.

Potassium is not bad for you. On the contrary, it is good for you since it is a vital mineral for the human body. Yet, on dochtor’s advice a little group of people who are suffering from malfunctioning kidneys need to restrict the use of potassium and need to follow a potassium restricted diet.  For this group of people it is important to know how much potassium can be found in every food they consume, thus also in food supplements. That is the reason the amount of potassium is indicated on the package.



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