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Fish oil capsule free from pork and beef ?

2017 March 14
by admin

I would like to know what the capsule shell of a fish oil capsule is made of. I am allergic to pork and beef.[omega-3-links]

The capsule shell of fish oil (Omega-3) is made of fish gelatin. No pork or beef has been processed in these capsule shells! The product has been entirely extracted from fish and therefore suited for people who are allergic like you, for vegetarians who eat fish and for people who choose fish oil on account of their religious beliefs (halal, kosher).

This, however, does not apply for capsules for glucosamine, chondroitin and Arthro-5, which are extracted from normal gelatin. By the way these capsules can easily be opened, after which the powder can be dissolved in water, yogurt and fruit juice.

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