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Do you have the Omega-3 IFOS-certificate?

2017 March 15

I would like to know if you are in possession of the IFOS-certificate?[omega-3-links]

Contrary to what the name  ‘IFOS-certificate’ implies, IFOS is in no way related to a government organisation that checks the quality of Omega-3 fish oil. It is in fact a commercial company from the United States that offers companies the option to check their Omega-3 products on pollution and in case of a good result the company grants an IFOS-certificate. The certificate is not acknowledged by any government organisation. In itself the certificate is a welcome initiative.

For the consumer the quality of fish oil should always be guaranteed. Since our seas are becoming more and more polluted is it important that Omega-3 will be free from pollutions. For that reason we chose the product Marinoil C38, of the Dutch manufacturer Lipid Nutrition who is renowned for its high purity. Furthermore, we have every batch checked by an independent laboratory on the presence of heavy metals, dioxins and other pollutions. In fact that is the same what happens with the IFOS-certificate. All test results on our Omega-3 are without exception excellent!



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