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Swallow less capsules of glucosamine and chondroitin, is that possible?

2017 March 14

For years I have been taking 2 glucosamine tablets a day. I consider start using chondroitin as well, but don’t like the idea of swallowing more tablets a day. How is the effect if I take one capsule from both supplements? Is there an alternative?[chondroitine-links]

It is hard to give a concrete answer, since the effects of the supplements differs from person to person (depending on metabolism, the affected joints,  the nature of the symptoms). It is possible that 1 capsule of glucosamine and 1 capsule of chondroitin will have the same effect for you as 2 capsules of glucosamine, but it is also thinkable that the symptoms will increase. To find out what the effect will be for you, you will just have to try one capsule of both supplements for a while.

There are other alternatives, like our product Arthro-5, but from this product you would have to take more capsules, which will not be an option for you.




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