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What does fish oil of Marinoil tell me?

2017 March 10

Do you sell fish oil of Marinoil? Where can I find further information regarding this brand?[omega-3-rechts]

Marinoil is a brand name. The most fish oil that is sold, is anonymous unbranded fish oil. The origin is not always easy to trace. Therefore we didn’t choose  anonymous fish oil, but an established brand (Marinoil). This fish oil is made by a famous Dutch manufacturer: Stepan Lipid Nutrition, formerly part of Unilever. The company has a very good reputation.

The Marinoil fish oil is a fish oil that emphasizes purity. The fish from which this fish oil is distracted is sardine and anchovy. These are fishes who are not at the top of the food chain (compared to e.g. salmon), through which in their fat less harmful substances have been built up. The fish comes from the South Pacific, where the water is relatively clean. So it is a relatively clean basic product. Besides, our product undergoes an extra purification process, through which the oil will become free of pollutions.

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