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Osteoarthritis in the hands, which product is best?

2017 February 23


In recent weeks we’ve been busy in our yard in Corsica, I got a thorn in the joint of my thumb, it got inflamed, nothing really worked. Got x-rays done, with the result: osteoarthritis! I kind of knew that of course, but it’s pretty severe in my hands now (because I use a lot of pincers in the yard). My physician told me to take mud baths in order to stop osteoarthritis. Does that really work? Now my question to you: is it better to take Arthro-5 in combination with glucosamine? Or just Arthro-5?

When it comes to osteoarthritis we don’t expect too much from mud baths. It may provide some relief, but it does not tackle the cause.

Glucosamine works pretty well in osteoarthritis. This also applies to Arthro-5. Besides glucosamine it also contains 4 other ingredients which are tested in osteoarthritis (and found effectively). If you’re using Arthro-5 and glucosamine you may take in too much glucosamine. Therefore it’s best to use Arthro-5 instead of glucosamine.[arthro-5-rechts]

Regarding osteoarthritis, Arthro-5 is a lot more effective than glucosamine. However, your situation is unique. There is osteoarthritis, but it may be that the pain at the moment is mainly due to the inflammation caused by the thorn. Do you know if it is a sterile inflammation? If there is a certain bacteria it could be pretty serious. In that case antibiotics may be necessary (it’s best to let your doctor inform you about that).

If it is a sterile inflammation, then there are a variety of alternative methods available to subdue the inflammatory response. One is glucosamine or Arthro-5. But also eating lots of vegetables and avoiding refined sugars, refined carbohydrates and sweet drinks may have a positive result.

Occasionally eating a fatty fish can also reduce the inflammation. Some people prefer fish oil (omega-3) capsules over eating fatty fish. Omega-3 works especially well when people normally have a diet that contains a lot of omega-6 fatty acids.

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