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Glucosamine also suitable to repair cartilage?

2017 February 23


I have an injury on my big toe (slight stiffness in joint), possible due to the many exercises/running. With x-rays a reduction of cartilage is found. On your advice I started glucosamine (two jars), and I notice a significant improvement.

My goal is of course to reach 100%, and that’s why I ask for your advice. Can glucosamine combined with chondroitin ensure further improvements or should I directly switch to Arthro-5?.Or should just continue to use glucosamine?

Is it also possible with these supplements that recovery of the cartilage will take place, and that any further wear will come to a halt?

It’s good to hear that glucosamine benefits you. Whether this actually repairs cartilage is hard to say. It is known that the condition of the cartilage not necessarily corresponds to the pain that someone experiences.[arthro-5-rechts]

Glucosamine can work quite strongly against pain. It improves the lubrication and damping of the joints and possibly inhibits inflammation somewhat. Glucosamine could slow the wear approximately 4 times in knee osteoarthritis (on average). But a delay doesn’t automatically mean a recovery.

If you want to maximize the chances of real cartilage repair than Arthro-5 is probably your best bet. I do want to point out that no official scientific evidence for cartilage repair is found. We only know of a few confirmed isolated cases.

My belief is that the combination of a lot of exercise without overloading and Arthro-5 the odds are in your favor. Obviously, the joint shouldn’t be ‘too far gone’ when you start. I think that the cartilage in your toe is still in reasonably good condition.

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