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Can Arthro-5 be combined with many other supplements?

2017 February 23

I use Arthro-5 now for about 6 to 7 months (consecutively) and have to say that the pain (osteoarthritis) symptoms in my right knee is less painful. However, in the last 2 weeks it seems to have less of an effect. The pain flares up again when I rest, a nagging pain.

Besides tennis I also do fitness. I take a few supplements for this. My question is regarding the supplements. Can the hereinafter mentioned supplements speed up osteoarthritis and/or hinder Arthro-5: creatine, beta-alanine, taurine, HMB, vitamin C, vitamin D, gelatinate, whey protein, omega-3.[arthro-5-links]

The supplements do not hinder the effect of Arthro-5. As far as we know they won’t speed up osteoarthritis either. To the contrary! I assume that the vitamins and gelatin provide a positive contribution.

One exception might be creatine. Creatine may cause more muscle tension when resting. When your leg muscles are more tense you’ll experience more pressure on your knee joint throughout the day. A joint such as the knee should be under a healthy amount of pressure daily for good health and in turn needs to be completely unwound. It gets that rest by taking off the load entirely. A too high muscle tension may hinder this daily recovery.

I myself have a lot of benefit in reducing muscle tension by stretching. I stretch the muscles after I’ve pumped them up after fitness exercises.

It seems like a good idea to leave creatine out of it for the time being. You could also eat magnesium rich foods, or take a nutritional supplement containing magnesium to reduce muscle tension even more.

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