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The best product for an avid runner with osteoarthritis?

2017 February 27


I am interested in your product, but which one is the question. I am 51 years old, avid runner (5-6 times per week, competition runner still at 37-38 min at 10km). I have familial osteoarthritis to my right (lost 1 cm of cartilage) but the wear process slows by exercising. Every year an x-ray is made. I want to increase my exercise again by running for 35 min.

Exercising indeed inhibits osteoarthritis. It is true that running is increasingly stressful as you get older. That’s because the muscles and tendons become less elastic. The shock at each landing has more impact on the cartilage than in a younger runner.

You run a lot of kilometres. With such a massive load it’s best to choose the strongest supplement: Arthro-5. Also, given the obvious wear this seems like a good choice. Try it for about three months. There’s a good chance that it’ll benefit you. The maximum effect is achieved somewhere between 3 months and 2 years.

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