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Can a higher dosage of Arthro-5 be harmful?

2017 March 6

I have got a question concerning Arthro-5. I have used this product since about 3 months now with a normal dosage of 6 capsules. Would it harm if I increase the dosage to 7 or 8 capsules? I have been active in sport for years, am 1.95 cm tall and weigh 130 kilos. Because I am somewhat bigger and heavier than average, I have been taking 8 capsules a day since a month. There has been some improvement. Could a higher dosage of 8 capsules have negative effects? I don’t experience any side effects, but would like your advice on the right dosage.

For someone with your weight and length a somewhat higher dosage makes good sense. There is a little more chance of negative effects when using 8 capsules. But probably the risk will not be too different from someone of 1.70 m with an average weight who uses 6 capsules a day. I hope the improvement will continue. Maybe by time you can lower the dosage to 6 capsules again.

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