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Is there enough vitamin D in Natural Multi?

2017 February 23

Already I’ve been taking vitamin D. Do I still need to take that aside from Natural Multi, which also has vitamin D? Is there a sufficient amount in it?[multi-rechts]

Natural Multi has mild doses. But not when it comes to vitamin D. That has a high dosage in Natural Multi (and in the correct D3 form instead of D2, and oil based for better absorption).

Vitamin D3 is precisely the vitamin which most people have a shortage of, and the RDV is too low. By only taking in 100% of the RDV of vitamin D via food and no additional UVB rays from the sun, the vitamin D3 level remains too low in the body.

Because the production of vitamin D from sunlight is much worse later in life, taking additional ample amounts of vitamin D is not a luxury.

So when you use Natural Multi, another vitamin D supplement is no longer necessary.

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