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How much glucosamine can I find in your capsules?

2017 March 10

I would like to have some clarity about the amount of active glucosamine in your capsules. I just received the bottles I ordered, but before I open them I would like to know more about the following: on your website you claim to prescribe 2010 mg a day. On the packaging, however, it says that there is 1500 mg in the prescribed capsules, of which 1190 mg elementary glucosamine and 510 mg potassium (together 1600 mg?). Can you explain me how these numbers add up?[glucosamine-links]

Our apologies for the confusion. It has to do with the chemical composition how the glucosamine is designated. There are different ways that can lead to confusion.

– Glucosamine sulfate 2 KCl = 2010 mg per daily dosage (2 KCl salt potassium chloride to stabilise)
– Glucosamine sulfate = 1500 mg per daily dosage.
– Glucosamine = 1190 mg per daily dosage (also called ‘glucosamine base’ or ‘elementary

It is all about exactly the same product, but with a different notation.

The notation in the middle is commonly used by rheumatologists, scientists and in the press. It is the most known notation. Recently the last notation (glucosamine base) must as legally required, be indicated on the labelling. In this way users can make a better comparison between several products.

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