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Glucosamine for humans also suitable for dogs?

2017 February 24

For the proper care of my dog, I rely on glucosamine. Not really a big issue, but after 7 years it’s getting pretty expensive here in Turkey, €40 for 60 tablets. That’s why my question is: can I switch to the human version or is this bad for my dog?[glucosamine-rechts]

There is no difference between glucosamine for dogs and for humans. It is about the same product, with the same effect. If there is a difference then it is about quality, which is better for products meant for humans (purer, right dose).

We have hundreds of customers who give our glucosamine to their dogs. They put the (soft) capsules in the food, but it’s also possible, especially better for smaller dogs, to open the capsules and mix it in the food.

More information about the dosage for your dog – depending on weight – you can find here.

Glucosamine for animals is often too expensive. Sellers know that dog owners do everything for their dog and they take advantage of it. Glucosamine is very expensive in Turkey to begin with.

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