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Glucosamine useful in dogs with spondylosis?

2017 February 24

I’ve been using glucosamine for my dog for about a year, he suffers from hip dysplasia and spondylosis. Does it make sense to use it?[glucosamine-rechts]

Our supplements in particularly work against osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia. We have hundreds of customers who give our products to their dogs to treat these symptoms, and often enough the results are very good.

Spondylosis is a somewhat different story. Then there’s often a case of osteoarthritis as well; the intervertebral discs become thinner. But as a response to that bone growth to the vertebrae occurs. This growth may pinch neural pathways. At this stage, joint protective products can only help to recover the intervertebral discs again (products like glucosamine and chondroitin).The discs become plumper again which will provide some room.

However, the thickening of intervertebral discs again is a very slow process. In humans, it takes about two years. It does not work for everyone, but the effects in spinal osteoarthritis can be pretty good.

With spondylosis, the uncontrolled formation of the vertebrae doesn’t disappear Unfortunately we have no feedback of what the effects of our supplements are with spondylosis. We do read some positive experiences on forums, but have not yet heard positive experiences first hand. We expect that the success rate is a bit smaller than in osteoarthritis and HD.

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