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How can I treat rheumatoid arthritis?

2017 February 23


Since early this year, I suddenly get pretty progressive rheumatoid arthritis in my fingers. Soon I’ll be 77 years old. Some knuckles are thickening and the finger in question is bending. It is increasingly painful when I touch it, and when dressing it hurts as well. I’m no longer able to make a fist and household tasks are hindered.

My eye fell on Arthro-5 because it may help with osteoarthritis. Does it really work? Whatever the case, conventional medicine does not offer a solution for rheumatoid arthritis.

Arthro-5 is designed to treat osteoarthritis (joint deterioration).Whether it works for rheumatoid arthritis (joint inflammation) is difficult to say. Little research has been done regarding it. I think that if it does work, it won’t be very effective.

Rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by inflammation. What could work are the measures that bring down the overall level of inflammation. These include the following:

– Lots of exercise and being outdoors.

– No sugar and refined carbohydrate food (white bread, white rice)

– Do not eat too many carbohydrates (starches and sugars) in general.

– Eat lots of vegetables.

– No fruit juice but only fruit (not too much).

– Definitely do not use margarine or ‘cook and baking products’ other than olive oil, butter and coconut oil.

– Grass Butter is better than ordinary butter and regular butter in its turn (much) better than margarine.

– Eat ‘ready-made’ food as little as possible.

– If you eat bread, preferably eat wholegrain bread (better for the intestinal flora). Unless you can not tolerate this kind of bread.

Fatty fish or fish oil capsules provide building blocks for the anti-inflammatory ‘prostaglandins’ in the body. High doses of fish oil have been tested with some success in rheumatoid arthritis. Think of 8 capsules of 1,000 mg. High dosages like that can best be taken under doctor’s supervision. A lower dosage of 4 capsules is probably a better long-term strategy. Our fish oil capsules can be found here.[omega-3-rechts]

Keep in mind which foods you don’t tolerate well. Intolerance to certain foods kindles inflammation. After having used ibuprofen for years there’s a good chance that your intestines have weakened and that you are no longer able to tolerate certain foods.

Some people with rheumatoid arthritis benefit from the complete omission of certain foods. The best known triggers are cereals and milk. I believe that coffee and chocolate can sometimes be problematic as well.

1,000 units of vitamin D daily supplement (at a later age the production of vitamin D by the sun isn’t that easy anymore). Our natural multivitamin contains 1,000 units of vitamin D.

Maintain a good sleeping pattern. Being outside during the day contributes positively to this.

I hope this information is useful to you.

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