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MSM in Arthro-5 completed with extra MSM-powder?

2017 March 9


Does it make sense to take extra MSM-powder next to Arthro-5?  Suppose I take Arthro-5, 6 capsules every day 3 months in a row and in addition 20-30 grams of MSM-powder, is the MSM-powder than superfluous?

Twenty to thirty grams MSM seems unhealthy to us. That quantity has not been tested on safety. It is not necessary either.  Two dosages have been used in successful scientific research. The one dosage is 1,5 grams, the other 6 grams. For Arthro-5 we apply the lower of these two (also because with the high dosage the number of capsules would double, a too large amount for many people). It is possible to complement the dosage with powder to 6 grams. Since no comparative research has been done, we cannot say if the dosage would me more effective.

On the long run it seems better to use the low dosage. This to minimise the risk of side effects. It may be better to use other supplements like ginger root extract.

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