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Natural Multi, a good alternative to a multivitamin that I use at the moment?

2017 February 23

I use the multivitamin from *****. Plus a separate vitamin C supplement. My question is whether the multivitamin that you are offering is a good alternative compared to those of *****. I’ve tried to compare the lists of contents, but it’s confusing. There’s so much on it.

Perhaps you can shine a light on the differences between the two. And is an extra vitamin C supplement still necessary?[multi-rechts]

In my opinion there are some downsides to this ***** multivitamin:

1) The supplement is a dry tablet. This will limit the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins compared to the oil capsule of Natural Multi.

2) The supplement contains chromium picolinate. That is a chromium compound which may have adverse health effects. Incidentally, it is unlikely that it is necessary to add chromium with a chromium supplement.

3) The multi contains not enough magnesium (32 mg), which is a necessary supplement for most people. Natural Multi contains 150 mg (40% RDV).

4) The multi contains synthetic vitamins and especially the synthetic folic acid may be a problem according to my opinion.

I think Natural Multi is a very suitable alternative. It contains many vitamins that are in lower doses than the multivitamin of *****. But in combination with your diet you can reach an adequate intake. You will not overload your body with high doses of synthetic vitamins.

The amount of vitamin C in Natural Multi is 80 mg, which corresponds to 100% of the recommended daily value. The average Western European reaches 80 mg of their daily diet. Combined with the Natural Multi this is a healthy amount.

Extra vitamin C is therefore not necessary for most people. There are some situations in which higher doses of vitamin C are beneficial (such as the treatment of glaucoma and the shortening of the duration of colds).

Sometimes it seems that higher doses of vitamin C have adverse effects. For example, vitamin C may inhibit the physical adjustments of the body.

Personally, I think that 500 to 1,000 mg in the form of a supplement is a safe threshold, provided the vitamin C is not used for the treatment of an illness. If you want, you may still supplement with extra vitamin C but you don’t have to.


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