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No need for vitamin B12 in Natural Multi for vegetarian?

2017 February 22

I found out that there is no vitamin B12 present in Natural Multi. As a vegetarian I don’t eat meat, but I assume I need B12.[multi-rechts]

People who have a deficiency of vitamin B12 are almost always people who eat little or no meat. By adding vitamin B12 to Natural Multi we wouldn’t be able to help them however. Natural Multi only contains natural vitamins. Unfortunately vitamin B12 can’t be extracted from plants, this vitamin would have to come from animals (the only non-animal alternative is a synthetic vitamin). So depending on the motivation to eat vegetarian a Natural Multi with B12 would not be an option for a vegetarian, hence the lack thereof.

The (fish) gelatin capsule may incidentally also be an obstacle for vegetarians.

We continue to look for a natural animal B12 extract that could be used in Natural Multi. But as of yet we haven’t been able to find it.

Moreover, vitamin B12 can be found in reasonable amount in dairy products and in eggs. In a pint of milk and an egg you have about the recommended daily amount of vitamin B12.

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