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Are three supplements enough for me?

2017 February 27

What advice can you give me regarding supplements? I’m 60+ and I usually order Arthro-5, Omega-3 and Natural Multi. I wonder how complete this is, because before I found out about you I used several other supplements from various brands.

It took me quite some time to figure it out, because a lot of synthetic vitamins and all kinds of additives are used (so I’m happy to have found honest products!). It would be nice to reduce the amount of supplements to a minimum without having essential shortages. In particularly I was thinking about vitamins C, D and B12 (we mainly eat organic, especially fruits, vegetables, whole grains, little meat – about 200 grams per week.).[multi-rechts]

Of course, everyone has different needs, depending on several factors, but perhaps you can still give your recommendation. In a nutshell: what else could I do aside from the aforementioned supplements?

With Natural Multi you have a fair amount of complete multi vitamins. The supplement does not contain vitamin B12, however. We have not been able to find a supplier of a natural vitamin B12 rich compound. Since you eat little meat, it’s perhaps wise to supplement B12 separately.

Then that has to be a synthetic variant, but that shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to vitamin B12. Perhaps the better forms of synthetic vitamin B12 are hydroxocobalamin, methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin.

You can also choose to occasionally eat a bit of liver or liver sausage. It contains a lot of B12. Liver is also very rich in other nutrients. Many people rather do not eat liver because they are afraid of remaining toxins in this organ meat. Liver, however, is precisely one of the cleanest meats you can eat.

Natural Multi contains 1,000 units of vitamin D. This is sufficient for most people. From 2,000 units per day we recommend to check the vitamin D blood levels.

The multivitamin contains the 100% RDV of vitamin C. It is sufficient to prevent a deficiency. Extra vitamin C isn’t a bad idea when you have a cold or are stressed (another 100 to 200% of the RDV). Because you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, I think you’re good.


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