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Is Omega-3 good for concentration?

2017 March 14

Can you tell me if Omega-3 helps you concentrate? Our 15-year old daughter is now using another product of the company **** that works well for her. But the product is pretty expensive. Your brand is a lot less expensive and sold in a bigger sized package. The capsules she uses now contains 500 mg fish oil of which 350 mg Omega-3 (250 mg DHA, 40 mg EPA). Can you compare this to your Omega-3 product?[omega-3-rechts]

We cannot predict if Omega-3 helps you concentrate better. Some people will experience this effect, others won’t. But if the product of **** works for your daughter, we can assume it has this positive effect for her.

There is a big chance that she will benefit from our product as well. In every capsule you can find 210 mg of EPA and 150 mg of  DHA. That is the natural proportion in fish oil. With the other product the proportion is slightly different, with more emphasis on EPA. We do not advocate that; we leave the oil as much intact as possible. We also believe  that a higher concentration of DHA or a higher concentration of EPA – what we find in some other products –  is not necessarily better. Everyone can use DHA and EPA. Everyone can benefit from DHA and EPA. For a while EPA was thought to be better for the body structure, but meanwhile that has become an outdated notion.

We are convinced that our Omega-3 – a brand product of the Dutch company Lipid Nutrition – will be as beneficial for your daughter and besides a lot cheaper. There is no reason whatsoever to ask for a much higher price.

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