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Omega-3 problem with blood thinners?

2017 February 24

I’ve been using 2 capsules of your Omega-3 for some time. I also use blood thinners (Ascal) after a stroke.

My wife who studies nutrition science told me that Omega-3 may delay clotting time. I have a thin skin that bruises easily, and wounds that heal pretty slowly. That doesn’t improve with age and with Ascal. [omega-3-rechts]

On the packaging and on your website I don’t see any warning for Omega-3 in combination with blood thinners. Of course I’ll contact my physician soon, but I’d like to hear from you (when using 2 capsules a day) if there are any issues known when combined with blood thinners.

Omega-3 has a very mild blood thinning effect. At a dosage of 2 capsules per day it’s negligible. Because of the blood thinning effect we handle a dosage of a maximum of 6 capsules a day. In other words: when taking more than 6 capsules a day the blood thinning effect is something to keep in mind, which doesn’t necessarily mean that it will occur.

Moreover, there are some European countries that have a much higher maximum limit.

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