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Risk of Vitamin B6 overdose in multivitamin?

2017 February 27


A while back I read in the news that the Consumers Association sounded the alarm with regards to high dosages of vitamin B6 in multivitamins. I’ve ordered Natural Multi (containing also 2.36 times the RDA) several times and I wonder if it’s harmful or false alarm?

Many supplements contain as much as 50 to 100 milligrams of synthetic vitamin B6 per daily dose (synthetic vitamins are dirt cheap to make). The use of high-dose supplements has led to noticeable nerve damage in a small group of people.

The risk of B6 has been known for some time. Only until recently the safe upper limit for vitamin B6 intake is set at 25 mg.

Natural Multi only contains 3.3 milligrams per daily dose. This is a safe dosage.


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