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Treat retropatellar chondromalacia with supplements?

2017 February 27

According to my doctor I suffer from retropatellar chondromalacia. I want to see if your products can help with my condition, because now I’m only limited to 500 meters and that’s it. I was able to ride my bicycle, but not anymore. So maybe you can help me.[asu-forte-links]

We only have a little bit of experience with patients who suffer from retropatellar chondromalacia. In particularly in young women (20 to 30 years). The condition was not treatable with glucosamine. ASU Forte led to some improvements in some of them. With Arthro-5 we have no experience regarding this symptom.

In young women, the soft cartilage behind the kneecap is often the culprit for the pain. It could be that the ASU component in ASU Forte caused the improvement in patients. Research has shown that ASU strengthens cartilage by increasing the regeneration of collagen in it.

It could be that the cause of your pain doesn’t correspond with the cause in these young women. If a poor tracking of the patella is the cause, it is questionable whether ASU will help you.

Any damage and irritation of the cartilage may possibly diminish with our supplements. Arthro-5 for this is the best candidate for this. This supplement also contains the aforementioned ingredient ASU.

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