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What can I do to avoid knee replacement?

2017 February 24

I’ve ordered Arthro-5 in Italy, because that’s where I live. First off, a compliment regarding the site. Everything is very easy to do and understand.

My problem is my knee that has to be immediately replaced by a prosthesis according to doctors! I’m not looking forward to it, that’s why I want to try this product. I’m 66 years old and still working in an office. I am a bit overweight perhaps, but I have trouble losing the extra weight. I swim a lot, but walking is very difficult. What else can I do to get good results from this treatment?[arthro-5-rechts]

We really hope that Arthro-5 works. Lots of exercise is also important. Even if you exercise without putting a lot of pressure on your joints will benefit the recovery. The so-called ‘air cycling’ works to feed the cartilage. These motions allow for the exchange of substances between the cartilage and surrounding tissues.

With air cycling you lay on your back and make a cycling motion with your feet in the air. A few times a day for about 1 minute is beneficial. A large circular motion is more effective than a smaller one. So try to do large motions.

What works well for many people to slim down is to go to bed early. Someone who goes to bed that early and wakes up without an alarm usually sleeps for more hours. Firstly, this means that there is less time left to eat. But it also means that the body is less stressed and you’ll have less of an urge to eat.

Another trick is to drink a glass of water before eating. It also helps to eat slowly. With a tendency to eat sweets, try to drink a glass of water.

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