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Arthro-5 effective in tears in the meniscus?

2017 February 24

I chose Arthro-5 because I have pain in my right knee for a few months when I squat. It looks like Arthro-5 works, because I’m able to do it a bit better again.

Yet, the MRI that was taken last Tuesday showed that one or multiple small cracks are present in the medial meniscus. Now my question is: can Arthro-5 with continued use ensure that no further wear will take place in my knee, so that a surgical operation might not be necessary.[arthro-5-rechts]

I don’t feel any pain, and I do pretty intense 55 and over fitness, and yoga once a week. Furthermore,

I walk a considerable distance with my dog every day. So it’s not due to a lack of exercise.

There is no research that shows that joint relief supplements can repair a cartilage structure such as the meniscus. There are indications that the ‘normal’ cartilage layer above and below the meniscus may recover to some degree, and that there’s reduced pain.

People with meniscus damage will suffer from wear of the joint cartilage (above and below the meniscus) after multiple years. The substances in Arthro-5 can slow or stop that process.

Lots of exercise is important for the exchange of nutrients between the joint and the surrounding tissues. Movement ‘feeds’ the joint. It is important to avoid peak loads. Therefore it’s important to carry out the exercise appropriately with fitness. Especially with knee and meniscus exercises, such as leg extension / leg stretching (my preference goes to leg muscle exercises, where the knee and hip work at a time such as ‘standing squats’. In such exercises the knee is also more stable, because also the muscles at the rear of the leg are activated).

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