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What still helps if I’m due for a knee replacement.

2017 February 24

I’m a 62 year old man. According to a specialist I have a worn knee. His analysis: I need a full prothesis. I still play tennis, but after that irritation and moisture in the knee. Which of the five products could possibly still be a solution for me?

If you should need a new knee, it would make sense to me to try the strongest possible supplement. That’s Arthro-5. Within three months (3 jars) it’ll be clear to most people if the supplement improves the situation.

Arthro-5 may reduce pain and stiffness and improve the load capacity. This can also be done with only glucosamine. But the success rate is higher with Arthro-5. The extent of pain reduction and load-bearing capacity are also greater. Unfortunately, not everyone will benefit. But the chances of improvement in knee osteoarthritis is surely 2 out of 3.

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