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Why not get the much cheaper Omega-3?

2017 February 24

Just a quick question, does a jar of Omega-3 with 180 capsules cost € 17.90 per jar?At ****** 90 capsules cost €3.29, so more than € 6.50 for 180 capsules.[omega-3-rechts]

A jar of 180 capsules is indeed €17.90. It is about highly purified and extra concentrated fish oil (Marinoil) from a renowned Canadian-Dutch manufacturer (Stepan Lipid Nutrition). The same product costs €19.90 at Bional for only 60 (!!) capsules.

The latter is extremely expensive. But €3.29 is the other extreme. If a company asks €3.29 for 90 capsules, and then minus tax, the price of the plastic jar, the capsule cost, the fill cost and the profit margin then I can paint a pretty good picture of what they’ve paid for the fish oil, and that’s not much. We are well aware of the prices in the world market for fish oil, and at this price we can’t take the quality of the fish oil all that seriously.

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