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Can fish oil better be put in a small package?

2017 March 9


Recently the chiropractor told my son that it would be better to buy fish oil in a small package, because when using a multi-pack the bottle would be opened too frequently, which would cause the quality to deteriorate. What do you think of this advice?

If the oil is in the bottle as a loose fluid, then the oil is likely to oxidise. In that case a smaller package is desirable. With fish oil in capsules this problem does not exist.

When the capsules are opened during consumption, the degree in which the oil tastes like fish  gives a good indication of the freshness. We notice little difference between the first and the last capsules. This supplement is very stable.

Customers regularly tell us that they do not or barely notice any fishy tasty reflux of our fish oil than when they use fish oil of other brands. That is because the fish oil has been deodorised.

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