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Why take 6 capsules of Arthro-5 a day?

2017 February 24

Why do I have to take 6 capsules of Arthro-5 daily, isn’t that a bit too much in one day?[arthro-5-links]

As far as we know, Arthro-5 is the most powerful joint protection product in the world. That’s because it contains a lot of substances with a proven effect, That means that there is a large amount of the ingredients in it; altogether about 5800 mg powder per daily dose. One capsule can only contain about 1000 mg; more does not fit in there. That why 6 capsules are needed, that can be taken all at once.

Of course we’d like to see less as well, but that would only be possible if we use larger capsules (which are harder to take), or put less ingredients in it (less of an effective product). Both options are undesirable.

There are other alternatives for those who think 6 capsules is too much, like glucosamine (2 capsules a day).

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