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Online panel of Arthro-5 users?

2017 March 6

With interest I studied the products on your website and I consider purchase. But before I will decide on that, I would love to hear if I can find an online user panel, particularly for the Arthro-5 product.[arthro-5-links]

Unfortunately currently there are hardly any websites on which people can exchange experiences concerning products like glucosamine, chondroitin and Arthro-5. The few sites you can find, are often used by people who only intend to promote their product, and thus who do not have very objective views.

Arthro-5 has only been on the market since the beginning of 2009, which explains that not a large amount of people have shared their experiences on the Internet.  Although we receive mainly positive feedback from our clients, that however will not give you an objective picture.

Be aware of the fact that if someone has good (or bad) experiences that they not automatically would apply for you. Every human being is different. Approximately 80% of the users benefit from the product, meaning that 20% do not benefit from it. In most cases 2 months use (2 bottles) would be enough to determine if a product is beneficial to someone.


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