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Worn cartilage: Can I kick a ball again soon?

2017 February 24

My cartilage is partly worn. Do you have a product that you can recommend me? And would I be able to play soccer again? Even if it’s 25 minutes per game?[arthro-5-rechts]

Our supplements are intended for use in osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is also known as cartilage wear. The degree to which the symptoms diminish vary per supplement and per person. Some people don’t notice any improvements while others are symptom free. Most people notice a partial reduction of the symptoms.

Usually you will notice of the supplements are effective within 3 months. Pain and stiffness will reduce, and the load capacity will improve.

Whether you’ll be able to kick a ball again, I’m not sure. However, we have quite a few customers who were able to pick up all kinds of activities again. This usually involves walking, stair climbing and cycling. Soccer is an activity whereby there’s a high peak load on the cartilage and there’s less of a chance that you’ll be able to do it again. Still, I would give it a shot.

It’s best to try Arthro-5, this is our strongest supplement. Combine the use of Arthro-5 with a lot of exercise with low intensity. By walking a lot, or cycling. After you’ve used Arthro-5 for two months you can slowly but surely begin to increase the load (for instance to start jogging a bit).

If after putting the load on your joints you feel pain then the intensity level has been too high. Rest your joints again and take a step back using it.


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