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Are osteoarthritis and arthritis supplements all a fraud?

2017 February 24

My fingers on my right hand are thick and swollen, very painful when moving them, especially in the morning. Osteoarthritis, arthritis, no x-rays, have been given painkillers but only used those briefly.

I’ve been taking glucosamine and chondroitin for more than 3 months in tablet form. Been also deacidifying for over three months. Nothing works. I came across your website and saw ASU forte, and read about Arthro 5. These are capsules. I’ve been taking Omega 3 as well for some time. I’m 57 years old and still have three boys at home and a husband, so it takes a lot of energy. [arthro-5-rechts]

Could it still be something for me, or is it all a fraud?

Fraud is a big word. But it is true that it does not work for everyone. Sometimes it’s because the products are used for ailments not intended. For example not much can be done against arthritis with supplements.

Against osteoarthritis on the other hand they are often effective, but unfortunately it’s not for everyone (ranging from about 65% success rate for glucosamine to approximately 80% for Arthro-5). It is therefore difficult for customers to see if it’ll eventually benefit them.

In your case it is even more difficult because your symptoms are pretty complex; a combination of osteoarthritis and arthritis. You could try Arthro-5 for three months, which contains also ASU aside from the glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM that you are using, as well as Hyal-Joint. This product offers the greatest chance of success. However, we can’t guarantee anything, there is a chance that the product may not work for you. When you have used it for three months and don’t notice any improvements it’s best to stop using the product. Then continuing isn’t fraud though, but a waste of your money.

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