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Dietary supplements are available everywhere nowadays. The vast number of different supplements cannot be overlooked. Can a relative layperson make any sense of this? My team and I do not think so. 

There is often a wide range of dietary supplements available for certain uses. Many supplements are however useless or even dangerous (some slimming pills) and are sold with great hype. There are also many supplements which do not carry the proper form of an ingredient, have a dosage that is too low, or are even fake. would like to shine a light in this darkness. 

In the late 90s, while studying exercise physiology and human movement sciences, I discovered that some supplements can definitely be very useful. My interest was sparked by a particular supplement which protects joint cartilage : glucosamine. At the time it was relatively unknown in Europe and also very expensive. I could benefit from this and decided to supply it via the website at a much lower price than normal. However, it also had to be an extremely pure product and contain the right dosage. 

Glucosamine has now become a very popular supplement to protect joint cartilage. Dietary supplements have been shown to promote the health of bones, the heart and venous system, the brain, and the immune system, as well as the joints. Over a period of more than fifteen years, after extensive study of the scientific literature each time, we have selected a limited number of substances and ingredients which have proven themselves in these fields. 

In this way, a limited selection of supplements has been compiled, some of which are unique in the world. I am referring in particular to Arthro-5, Natural Multi and Osteo-10, which have each taken 2-3 years to develop. 

The selection took place on the basis of the following criteria: 

  • The supplement must have a solid scientific foundation.
  • The physiological effect must have been sufficiently demonstrated.
  • The supplement must be safe to take.
  • The supplement must be affordable.
  • There must be few medication interactions and they must be well documented. 

If an ingredient qualifies for our rigorous selection, which is not often, we then look for a reputable and reliable supplier, preferably based in the West, which can deliver high quality. The chosen suppliers in recent years have been, among others: Bioiberica, Stepan Lipid Nutrition, Kaneka, Volac, Bioriginal, Bergstrom Nutrition, Orgenetics, and Capsugel. 

This selection has resulted in a limited range of 12 supplements. In the next few years another handful will probably be added. But not many more, because many substances do not have the qualities that we require. 

Should you take one or more of these supplements, I would like to hear of your experiences with them. You can also write a review on this website. 

Kind regards,
Kris Kuiper, MSc - Exercise physiologist
Founder of

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