180 capsules of 600 mg

90-day supply

- Contents and dosage
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  • Separate use or to complement glucosamine

  • CS b-Bioactive: real chondroitin, chosen as the world's best

  • Very high purity (95%)

  • High, proper dosage

  • Large economy pack

CS b-Bioactive is the world's best chondroitin. So that's the one we use.

180 capsules of 600 mg

90-day supply

- Contents and dosage

Real chondroitin

Chondroitin is a dietary supplement that is similar to glucosamine. It can be taken alone, but it can also be combined perfectly with glucosamine

Chondroitin is a substance produced naturally in the human body. It is possible to replenish this substance by means of a supplement. It is important here to use real chondroitin. 

There is an enormous difference in quality between the many supplements that contain chondroitin. It is even the case that in order to keep production costs as low as possible, sometimes merely ground cartilage is added and called 'chondroitin'. That chondroitin is no more than a label decoration, with a purity of 5%! 

The high-quality chondroitin powder in our supplement (CS b-BioActive from reputable producer Bioiberica) has the highest purity achievable, 95%. By choosing our chondroitin, you are choosing quality. In fact, we dare to assert that you are choosing the best quality chondroitin in the world. And we are not exaggerating. You can read why below.

Global trade

Chondroitin is a very expensive ingredient. Its production requires much knowledge and expertise. The high costs prevent many supplement manufacturers from incorporating quality chondroitin in their products.

Unfortunately, much chondroitin that is not real chondroitin is marketed worldwide. This problem of falsification has been known for over a decade, but it has not yet been solved. The reason that chondroitin can still be falsified is that the official but elementary test for purity cannot tell the difference between real and imitation chondroitin. A falsified 'chondroitin' can be synthetic or an inferior cartilage extract. therefore does not take any risks in its choice of supplier and obtains its chondroitin from the Spanish company Bioiberica, which specializes in ingredients for this class of supplements. Bioiberica is undeniably the most reputable and reliable producer of chondroitin in the world. The company provides the chondroitin used in many scientific studies and has been chosen after a very strict selection process as chondroitin supplier for the large-scale US GAIT study (see below).

Selection of the best chondroitin
The GAIT study (2000-2005), paid by the US government, is the largest and most expensive scientific project ever launched to test glucosamine and chondroitin. The in-depth preparation included, among other things, a quest for the best-quality chondroitin. No supplement on the US market could meet the scientists' criteria.

The following steps were taken during the strict selection process to find the best chondroitin:

  • Only purified bovine chondroitin (from bovine cartilage) was eligible for the study. Simply ground cartilage was excluded. The scientists drew attention to the contamination which these products can contain.
  • Only reputable producers that have documented their work method in a 'drug master file' were selected.
  • A convincing assurance that the chondroitin is BSE-free was required.
  • The samples of different producers were tested by five laboratories. In this way, two producers were identified as the best.
  • These two best producers were asked to complete an extensive US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) questionnaire about, among other things, the procedures followed in the production of the chondroitin. This resulted finally in the selection of one producer: Bioiberica. For, this was the reason to choose Bioiberica as supplier for its chondroitin.

Low price

At we prioritize low price and high quality. Our choice for Bioiberica chondroitin (CS b-BioActive) undeniably gives the degree of quality that we strive for. In addition, the price of our chondroitin supplement is one of the lowest in Europe! You can really obtain maximum benefit for minimum cost with us.

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High, effective dosage of chondroitin

Because good chondroitin is very expensive, it is attractive for a provider of dietary supplements to save money on the dosage. Halve the dosage and you will practically halve the cost. The profit margin will rise substantially. 

Thus, in scientific studies on the effect of for instance chondroitin, it has been determined that a daily dosage of 800 mg or 1200 mg is physiologically effective. We use that highest dosage. In many products, however, lower quantities of this expensive ingredient are used: 600 mg, 250 mg, even 50 mg! You can be sure that the ingredient in the last quantity is only used to decorate the label. It looks good, but to the user it is worthless. 

The chondroitin we use has the highest purity achievable, 95%. We correct for the missing 5% by adding more chondroitin powder to the capsules. A daily dosage of chondroitin therefore contains 1265 mg of chondroitin powder, which amounts to 1200 mg of actual chondroitin. This correction is to make sure that you will receive the amount stated on the label.

Quality of chondroitin

Proper, high dosage

GMP certified

Laboratory tested

Specialist since 2000

By choosing our chondroitin, you are choosing quality. We can guarantee it in the following way: 

Western product. Our ingredients are manufactured by Western producers wherever possible, in the case of chondroitin by reputable Bioiberica from Spain.

Safe product. This producer fulfills GMP and HACCP requirements. This means that it follows strict procedures which ensure food safety and hygiene. 

Independently tested. The end product is randomly tested for heavy metals and biological pollutants by the independent laboratory NutriControl. Click on the microscope symbol below for the most recent test results. Read more about the independent laboratory tests here.

Proper, high dosage. Many dietary supplements with chondroitin contain dosages of 100, 250 or 500 mg that are too low and ineffective. Our chondroitin contains the high, proper daily dosage of 1200 mg in 2 capsules.

Capsule form. Our chondroitin comes in capsules instead of tablets. Capsules are absorbed more quickly and have less chance of causing gastric hypersensitivity. Another advantage of capsules is that they are easier to swallow than rough capsules with hard edges. Whoever does not want to or cannot take the capsules, can easily open them and use only the powder. 

Specialist since 2000. is a specialist in dietary supplements for healthy joints. The company was founded in 2000 by exercise physiologist and human movement scientist Kris Kuiper and has developed several unique supplements since then. Plenty of knowledge and experience is available about the effect and the safety of these supplements.

  • Proper, high dosage: 1200 mg per day
  • Pharmaceutical grade, 95% pure
  • Western product
  • Safe product: produced by companies which are GMP and HACCP certified
  • Independently tested for quality by NutriControl laboratory
  • Capsule form: better tolerated, better absorbed and easier to swallow than tablets
  • Specialist in joint supplements since 2000
Independently tested for quality by NutriControl laboratory



Top product

Anthony Wells, May 19, 2021
Top product for *** of the knee . I have used it for years as part of a group of supplements.

It has made a marked difference

George Psihoyios, August 25, 2020
It appears to be an excellent product. I have used it for approx 4 months and it has made a marked difference.


Lydia Segal, July 12, 2020
Really helps

It really helps

Hazel Skoog, April 3, 2020
I have been taking Chondroitin for several years now. It really helps! I don't have any *** in my hip joints anymore.
On a website which sells supplements, those supplements can not be associated with the treatment of diseases. This is why some words have been left out in this review. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Love your service and products

Valerie Muir, December 3, 2019
Love your service and products. Didn't buy the Curcumin as it doesn't have black pepper to increase the absortion and the curcumin levels appear lower than some others (who are organic, have higher levels (as in the research) and adhere to good quality standards etc?) --- Reaction Thank you for the positive review. Normally black pepper extract (piperine) is added to curcumine to improve the absorption. Our LongVida curcumine already gets so well absorbed that it does not need the addition of piperine.
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Satisfied with your choice for

Contents and information for use


180 capsules.

Contents per capsule (per daily dosage of 2 capsules):

  • Chondroitin sulphate* - 600 mg (1200 mg)
  • Vitamin C - 6 mg (12 mg)

* The chondroitin we use has the highest purity achievable, 95%. We correct for the missing 5% by adding more chondroitin powder to the capsules. A daily dosage of chondroitin therefore contains 1265 mg of chondroitin powder, which amounts to 1200 mg of actual chondroitin.


  • Chondroitin sulphate (CS b-BioActive)
  • Vitamin C  (calcium ascorbate)
  • Magnesium stearate (flowing agent)
  • Gelatin (capsule)

Chondroitin is a cartilage extract of bovine origin. 

This product does not contain any known allergens. has been authorized by Bioiberica to use the CS b-BioActive brand name and logo.


The recommended use is 2 capsules of chondroitin per day. 

The capsules may be taken simultaneously or distributed throughout the day. It is preferable to take the capsules at mealtime(s) or with plenty of water. 

Do not surpass the maximum recommended dosage. Dietary supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. 

Do you have difficulty swallowing capsules? You can open the capsule by separating the two halves and just use the powder. You can combine it with water, fruit juice, or yoghurt, for instance.


Gastrointestinal hypersensitivity 

Chondroitin is a substance which is naturally present in the body. No serious side effects have ever been observed. The mild side effects which occur in some people usually reflect gastrointestinal hypersensitivity (nausea and excessive gastric acid). This can in general be prevented by taking the supplement with a glass of water or during a meal. 

Use at a young age 

The use of chondroitin by children and teenagers (up to 18 years of age) is discouraged. No research has been carried out to determine whether this supplement is safe for children. 


Do not take chondroitin if you are pregnant, have the intention to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. The supplement has a very favourable safety profile but no studies have been carried out which can rule out a possible adverse effect on the (unborn) child.

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