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Natural Vitamin C
Home   >   Immune system   >   Natural Vitamin C

180 capsules of 125 mg vitamin C

90- to 180-day supply

- Contents and dosage
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Natural Vitamin C

  • 100% natural vitamin C

  • From organically grown Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

  • No synthetic vitamin added

  • Also contains bioflavonoids and other nutrients from nature

  • Less acid than synthetic vitamin C

Vitamin C as nature, not a chemist, made it

180 capsules of 125 mg vitamin C

90- to 180-day supply

- Contents and dosage
Home   >   Immune system   >   Natural Vitamin C

Vitamin C from nature

Vitamin C is the vitamin which is most taken in supplement form worldwide. Unfortunately, that vitamin C is synthetic in 99,9% of cases. Synthetic vitamin C is an isolated molecule without the additional nutrients present in nature which can be very useful. 

Natural Vitamin C is non-synthetic. It is a natural extract from organically grown Indian Gooseberries (Amla). Besides vitamin C, it contains valuable co-factors like rutin, ascorbigen and choline. Natural vitamin C with bioflavonoids is active in the human body for longer than isolated synthetic vitamin C. 

Many so-called natural vitamin C supplements are unfortunately not completely natural after all. Vitamin C-rich plant extracts are regularly enhanced with synthetic vitamin C in order to increase the vitamin content. Our Natural Vitamin C is however guaranteed to be free of synthetic substances. 

The fruits from which this extract is made have been grown without pesticides or fertilizer. You can read more about this below.

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Organic vitamin C

The cultivation and processing of the Indian Gooseberries (Amla) which are used for Natural Vitamin C are unique in many respects: 

1)  Use is made of non-genetically modified plants (non-GMOs).
2)  Cultivation is organic: without use of pesticides or fertilizer.
3)  The Amla extract is obtained through aqueous extraction. No toxic chemical solvents such as hexane or methanol have been used.
4)  The extract has not been supplemented with synthetic vitamins.

Indian Gooseberries (Amla) contain vitamin C embedded in a 'nutrition kit'. The extract of this nutrition kit is is therefore less acidic than synthetic vitamin C often is. This food supplement is milder for the stomach.

Reducing tiredness

Vitamin C fulfils an important role in the body. Among other benefits, it contributes to: 

  • Reducing tiredness
  • Energy production
  • Supporting the immune system during and after intense exercise (at a dosage of 2 capsules per day)
  • Supporting the immune system generally

For this reason, many people supplement their daily diet with vitamin C in the form of fruit or a dietary supplement, especially in the dark and cold months. But also at other moments, when their immune system can use a little extra support. 

In addition, Vitamin C plays an important role in: 

  • Producing collagen for strong bones, skin, joints, tendons, teeth, and gums
  • Protecting DNA, protein, and fat from oxidative damage

Quality of vitamin C


GMP certified

Laboratory tested

Specialist since 2000

By choosing Natural Vitamin C, you are choosing quality. We can guarantee it in the following way: 

Natural product. The supplement is free of synthetic vitamins and also free of the unnatural mirror images of vitamins, which can be unhealthy.

Safe product. The producers of the ingredients fulfill GMP and HACCP requirements. This means that they follow strict procedures which ensure food safety and hygiene. 

Independently tested. The end product is randomly tested for heavy metals and biological pollutants by the independent laboratory NutriControl. Click on the microscope symbol below for the most recent test results. Read more about the independent laboratory tests here.

Specialist since 2000. is a specialist in dietary supplements. The company was founded in 2000 by exercise physiologist and human movement scientist Kris Kuiper and has developed several unique supplements since then. Plenty of knowledge and experience is available about the effect and the safety of these supplements. 

  • Natural product
  • Free of synthetic vitamins
  • Safe product: produced by companies which are GMP and HACCP certified
  • Independently tested for quality by NutriControl laboratory
  • Specialist in joint supplements since 2000
Independently tested for quality by NutriControl laboratory


Natural Vitamin C

I couldn't be more pleased with this product

Allison M, November 21, 2023
I researched and searched for a natural vitamin C and when I found this one, I knew I had found a pure source that I could trust. I do not eat a lot of fruit and I know I need to supplement my vitamin C to stay healthy and boost my immune system. I couldn't be more pleased with this product. Thank you for caring about natural and organic sourcing!!
Natural Vitamin C

The best service

Douglas Pentland, June 27, 2018
Always the best products and the best service!
Natural Vitamin C

Good price-quality ratio

Sandra Kramberger, May 27, 2018
As a regular client I am always very pleased with your products and the price-quality ratio
Natural Vitamin C

Better take the multivitamin

Sepideh Whitehead, May 25, 2018
I recommend just taking a multivitamin which is as good and cheaper than buying everything separately
Natural Vitamin C

Super happy with this vitamin C

Joanne Freeman, March 28, 2018
I am really super happy with this 100% natural vitamin C! It is pricey, but compared with other 100% natural brands still affordable. Ascorbic acid seems to affect copper absorption. For me the most important reason to buy this vitamin C.
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Satisfied with your choice for

Contents and information for use


180 capsules each containing 250 mg of Indian Gooseberry (Amla) extract. This extract provides 125 mg of natural vitamin C (156% of RDA) with natural cofactors. 

% of RDA = Percentage of the recommended daily allowance.


  • Organically grown Indian Gooseberry (Amla) extract
  • Bovine gelatin (capsule)
  • Rice starch

Free of gluten, milk, lactose and artificial aromas and colourants.

We also provide a natural Vitamin B Complex which is extracted from organically grown guava, lemon, and tulsi or holy basil.


Take 1 to 4 capsules daily during a meal/meals. Maximum dosage 4 capsules per day.

Preferably take the capsule with a meal containing fat. The vitamin C will be better absorbed that way. 

Do not exceed the maximum dosage. 

Dietary supplements fit in a healthy lifestyle but are not a substitute for a varied diet. A balanced diet contains enough vitamins.

Do you have difficulty swallowing capsules? You can open the capsule by separating the two halves and just use the powder. You can combine it with water, fruit juice, or yoghurt, for instance.


There are no known negative interactions between medicines and Natural Vitamin C at a dosage of up to 4 capsules per day. 

No side effects are to be expected from Natural Vitamin C at a dosage of up to 4 capsules.

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