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I couldn't be more pleased with this product

November 21, 2023 14:56
Allison M
I researched and searched for a natural vitamin C and when I found this one, I knew I had found a pure source that I could trust. I do not eat a lot of fruit and I know I need to supplement my vitamin C to stay healthy and boost my immune system. I couldn't be more pleased with this product. Thank you for caring about natural and organic sourcing!!

The best service

June 27, 2018 23:54
Douglas Pentland
Always the best products and the best service!

Good price-quality ratio

May 27, 2018 09:47
Sandra Kramberger
As a regular client I am always very pleased with your products and the price-quality ratio

Better take the multivitamin

May 25, 2018 23:15
Sepideh Whitehead
I recommend just taking a multivitamin which is as good and cheaper than buying everything separately

Super happy with this vitamin C

March 28, 2018 14:07
Joanne Freeman
I am really super happy with this 100% natural vitamin C! It is pricey, but compared with other 100% natural brands still affordable. Ascorbic acid seems to affect copper absorption. For me the most important reason to buy this vitamin C.

Best ever

March 16, 2018 13:24
Wendy Hugo
Just like all other products from very pure. Best Iíve ever found. Youíre outstanding, keep it up!!

I have a lot more energy

February 26, 2018 19:47
Kathleen Forkner
I am very happy with this product. Iím into natural products and this is the only vitamin C without a single additive! I have a lot more energy, although it only became noticeable after a few months. I recommend it as much as possible to other people.

Sleeping a lot better

November 27, 2017 15:54
Susan Poots
A good nutritional supplement, also good that itís not an extreme high dosage, like some other brands. I take one a day and am already noticing a clear difference. I have more energy and am sleeping a lot better.

Delivery problem solved

November 13, 2017 19:02
Howard Pearce
A good product, but the mail delivery did not go well. That was solved with a new package.

Also for my children

November 5, 2017 21:16
Agnes Semekian
Good product, I also give it to my children.

Prefer not artificially made

October 26, 2017 14:18
Susan Grindrod
I like having this at home. I prefer not to take artificially made vitamin C. Whatís easy is that you can just open the capsules and take out the powder. I have a child who by herself will eat very little food with vitamin C, but the capsule contains a bit too much for her. This way I can keep giving her a little bit of vitamin C.

Not cheap

October 18, 2017 17:13
Mary Thomas
It isnít cheap compared to synthetic vitamin C, but unfortunately quality comes at a price.

Helps my resistance

September 30, 2017 15:42
Christopher Dancer
Am very happy with this vitamin C because it is free from synthetic substances. And it helps increase my resistance.

The price may be a bit lower

September 21, 2017 14:41
Karey Borthwick
The best vitamin C one can buy. All-natural and is easily absorbed by the body. The price could be slightly lower. Great product otherwise.
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