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The recipe for affordable prices

High purity, high dosages, high effectiveness. We do not compromise on the quality of our dietary supplements. And yet you pay a fair price. How this is possible? Due to our recipe for affordable prices, which is the following:

1. Our own brand of products, directly from the factory 

We sell our products exclusively under our own brand. We buy most of the ingredients directly from Western producers, after which we have them encapsulated by specialized companies in Western Europe. We then sell the products directly to the customer via our website. 

The advantage of this is that there are no unnecessary intermediaries to increase the price. For many other supplements, four to five stakeholders are usually involved in the supply chain. The brand owner orders manufacture of the product. It is then delivered to an importer which in turn delivers it to a wholesaler. After that it goes to the retailer (pharmacy, chemist, supermarket, health food shop), from which it is finally sold. 

Each intermediary in this process adds its own profit margin to the price, which makes the end product very expensive. This is the greatest factor in increasing the price, and we avoid it to a large extent. 

2. No expensive advertising campaigns 

You will not find us in TV or radio commercials, on billboards, or on football club T-shirts. We are not present at fairs or events either. Large advertising and promotional campaigns cost a lot of money, and that money must come from somewhere. It usually comes out of the buyer's pocket, by means of a higher retail price. 

We only advertise online, in a limited and targeted way. You will only come across us if you are specifically looking for dietary supplements, not otherwise. For the rest we rely on our satisfied customers? word-of-mouth publicity.  This saves us money and therefore results in lower prices.

3. No expensive shop premises

As online shop we do not have to rent out expensive square metres in a shopping street or shopping centre in a prize location. We have a virtual online shop and are physically located on affordable company premises in a business park. We therefore do not have to pass high rent on to our product prices.

4. Use of large packages 

Dietary supplements are available in all types and sizes. Sometimes a package will contain 20 or 30 pills, usually 60, 90, or 120. In the worst case, the contents of a package of that size will last for ten days. The cost of the package then constitutes a relatively large part of the retail price. 

We have chosen large packages, containing 180 capsules, or occasionally 90 capsules, for most of our supplements. The contents of these packages will usually last for 1.5 to 3 months. This means that the cost of packaging, and thus the price, can be lower.

5. A low profit margin 

Finally, but no less important, is the fact that we settle for a relatively low profit margin. The retail price of dietary supplements is often a multiple of the production or purchase price. This is not the case with us.

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