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Perfect and life changing

January 4, 2023 23:12
Nicole Miller
This isn't the cheapest product on the market but it is by far the best and worth every penny. I have been waiting for a hip replacement for 6 months and I was on crutches for much of the time especially towards the end of the day. I discovered Arthro 5 a few months ago and my pain has been reduced so much so I no longer need crutches and can carry on my daily life as normal without much pain. It's been magical. I tried many supplements with Glucosamine and Chondroitin, some with MSM, some with Hyal Joint but I couldn't find any that had all these together along with ASU . Also this has the highest amount of each supplement that I have come across. HUGE difference and I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with Osteoarthritis. I struggle to take tablets but I found a collagen drink that I like and I open the capsules and mix the powder with the drink and there is no horrible taste. Bingo. Perfect and life changing. Thank you!


Most potent supplement
5 powerful ingredients
High, proper dosage
Western origin
For cartilage
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