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This company is solid

August 9, 2020 04:17
This company is solid. I bought Glucosamine and Chronditin for my knee and shoulder and fish oil for general health. I was looking for a product that contain pure, good ingredients - no additives/anything unnecessary as almost all other companies add. I've been taking it for 4 months and am pleased with the results. After 2 months (time for Glucosamine to take affect), I no longer have *** in my joints. My hair is also so healthy and shiny from the fish oil. My hair has never been so thick and silky - I'm sure it's from the fish oil as I didn't do anything else different. I'm amazed! Thank you for making such quality products. To also mention which I appreciate, before I became customer, they took the time to answer random questions I had about Glucosamine. Am impressed and glad to find this company!


Most used worldwide
Proper, high dosage
Pharmaceutical grade
Very low price
For cartilage
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