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March 12, 2023 21:50

Prix intéressant

March 11, 2023 11:40
Très bien. Prix intéressant, expédition rapide.

Very helpful, knowledgable

July 28, 2022 18:42
Reliable and pure supplements. Kris, who owns is a masters in sports physiology and he is very helpful, knowledgable. The supplements here are made in line with the existing research and science and that is why they are the best.

Good quality

August 17, 2021 15:18
Anthony Wells
good quality

Five Stars without a doubt

April 20, 2021 09:46
Michael Torchia
I'm very satisfied with for their excellent products and customer service.
Five Stars without a doubt !

Very good

November 18, 2020 09:18
Maria Chiara Stella
Used for a long time, very good

Incredible company

May 20, 2020 14:31
Valerie Muir
Incredible company - transparent ethical - fast delivery, efficient with clean medications as far as is humanely possible. I recommend you to everyone wishing to take these products. Keep up the good work!
Regards Val

No fear of a fishy aftertaste or nausea

December 9, 2019 19:14
Happy Fish Hater
As someone who hates the taste of fish, I have tried numerous times over the years to find an Omega 3 supplement that does not make me feel ill after swallowing it. has done it! I can swallow these supplements daily without fear of a fishy aftertaste or nausea. Add this to their reliable shipping and service and you have one very happy customer indeed.

Recommended by my doctor

December 1, 2019 10:23
Good product. No undesirable side effects (It was recommended by my doctor). I have been using it for more than a year now and will continue to do so.


June 25, 2018 18:25
Paul Wright
I am a loyal client and admirer of your products which I find excellent in every respect and I order regularly several times a year since the moment I found you.

High quality

June 23, 2018 12:54
Louise Tieber
We are always delighted with the fast delivery of the products. Plus they are high-quality! Also the easy ordering process, without the need to register, very practical when you’re in a rush. This way you get client loyalty. Many thanks!

Planning to order again

June 19, 2018 18:36
James Allen
I am fully satisfied with the purchase, the speed of delivery, the quality / price of the product. I am planning, if I get positive results, to order the product again when the supply is finished

Quick answer

June 1, 2018 08:03
Sandra Michaut
Good service, quick answer when I had a question about it

Recommended to friends

May 15, 2018 14:52
Christine Abelson
Loyal client since 2014, I have recommended your product to many friends (who run) because I am fully satisfied

No fish smell or taste

May 10, 2018 18:20
Norman Morgan
not a fish eater, but this product has no fish smell or taste! if you don’t eat fatty fish this is a must to get your good fats in.
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