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Which supplement should I choose? offers you five supplements for joint protection, each with its own specific qualities. But which product is right for you? We hope to make your choice simpler with the overview below.

But note: Every person is unique, so it is difficult to provide tailor-made advice. In many cases experience will help you discover which supplement or combination of supplements fits your situation best. You must of course also include your financial options in this decision.

Supplement(s) Advantages Use Strength Capsules per day Cost per month
 • For supple joints
 • Basis of joint protection
 • Very popular, very affordable

 • Protection for all joints


2 caps.

€ 7,30
 Glucosamine Chondroitin
 • Powerful combination, very well-known
 • Chondroitin protects cartilage
 • Chondroitin amplifies the effect of glucosamine

 • Protection for all joints
 • Especially recommended for back, hips and hands


4 caps.

€ 17,27
 Glucosamine Chondroitin ASU Forte
 • ASU Forte promotes the creation of collagen
 • Three supplements with their own function
 • Complete joint protection

 • Protection for all joints
 • Especially recommended for knees and hips


6 caps.

€ 27,90
 • Hyaluronic acid and MSM added
 • 5 ingredients: Greatest chance of success!
 • No stronger supplement available anywhere
in the world!

 • The strongest choice for
each joint!


6 caps.

€ 33,90
 ASU Forte
 • ASU Forte promotes the creation of collagen
 • Plant alternative for vegetarians
 • An alternative if glucosamine does not
provide tangible results

 • Protection for all joints
 • Especially recommended for knees and hips


2 caps.

€ 10,63
 • Good for overall health
 • Especially cardiovascular system
 • Also contributes to supple joints

 • Overall health


2 caps.
4 caps.

€ 5,97
€ 11,93

* Omega-3 also contributes to supple joints in doses of 4 capsules. It is, however, not such a powerful protector of joint cartilage as to constitute an alternative to our other supplements. We recommend glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin sulphate, ASU Forte and Arthro-5 for this purpose. Taking Omega-3 in addition to these supplements can be useful in many cases.

We recommend that you read the information on drug interactions and warnings prior to ordering one of these supplements. You will find this information under the heading ‘Usage’ on each product page.

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