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Good effects

February 19, 2018 21:17
Sarah Sysinoro
Given the positive effects that I have experienced I will order a few more bottles and Iím convinced that I will like these too.

Extremely happy with the results

February 8, 2018 08:28
Jan Scott
For almost 2 years I have been supplementing my nutrition with Arthro-5 and, more recently, Omega-3. I am extremely happy with the obtained results. For me they are very effective, despite the fact that in some periods I take slightly lower dosages than you suggest and I am not always consistent in its use.

Certainly progress

January 20, 2018 09:38
Irmantas West
So far I havenít been able to detect any major improvements after a month and a half of use but there is certainly progress

No effect

January 19, 2018 19:49
Helia Carvin
After 2 months I see no effect

Second order

December 30, 2017 21:47
David Garcia
second order pleased with the results that I had with the first order

I want to continue with it

December 20, 2017 19:50
Rafael Carmelita
Had tested the product once already, was satisfied and now want to continue with it.


December 4, 2017 12:59
Liliana Tidbury
Before I started using Arthro-5, I had used Glucosamine / Chondroitin from another brand for about 3 months. With some Progress. This Progress continued with Arthro-5. Whether it would have been the same with the other brand, thatís anyoneís guess. But I do have the impression that Arthro-5 works better.

Abundantly clear results

November 28, 2017 18:44
Allan Mehrali
Together with silicon I use it for two cures per year. The results are abundantly clear.

Feels like a miracle

November 5, 2017 19:49
Gulamabbas Imrie
It seems too good to be true! It feels like a miracle! Iím going to use this my whole life and I recommend it to all older people

Price a bit higher

October 30, 2017 08:18
David Hirst
I tried your arthro-5 and am satisfied with it, unfortunately the price is a bit higher compared with the classic products Glucosamine and Chondroitin, in the end that price is more than double

No optimal results

October 26, 2017 20:09
Christina Oliver
Iíve been using arthro 5 for three months now but I donít see any optimal results yet

I can manage again

October 12, 2017 19:28
Jane Simmons
Iíve been taking Artro 5 for more than 3 years... or has it been 4 years? Iím glad that I no longer need Ibu and can manage really well.

Long downhill descent

October 7, 2017 09:02
Abdelaaziz Timlin
Two years ago after an accident an activated *** was diagnosed in my right knee. My physiotherapist pointed out that this could cause a real ***, which would mean an enormous limitation for me as an active, athletic mountain hiker and skier (alpine and cross-country). After using it I am able again to make long, difficult descents of 1000 to 1500 meters in the Alps without problems.
On a website which sells supplements, those supplements can not be associated with the treatment of diseases. This is why some words have been left out in this review. We apologize for the inconvenience.

An improvement

August 23, 2017 13:36
Colin Shortland
since Iíve been taking arthro-5, I detect an improvement. am also taking harpagophytum at the same time

Very effective

July 29, 2017 23:26
Renee Mountford
I find your product, Arthro-5, very effective, because I experienced its positive effects after 10 days already. at the moment I am also looking into other solutions (growth factors, arnica, physiotherapy, etc.) but that doesnít affect my positive image of your product and I am recommending it to anyone I know who has the same problems.
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