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Really noticed an improvement

January 8, 2018 23:07
Sophie Waterman
ExcellentÖ Iíve been taking it every day for about 2 years and I have to say that I really notice an improvement.

A lot more energy

January 2, 2018 18:59
J. Harrison
I was always really tired, maybe because of the medication the doctor prescribed. since I started using coenzyme q10 itís going a lot better. I really have much more energy, even when my two grandchildren visit me I still have sufficient energy to tidy up the house at the end of the day. thank you so much.

I am giving it another chance

December 31, 2017 23:03
David Brey
I still notice very little, maybe I havenít used it long enough? (two months). I will give it another chance and will continue using it for now.

Easy to swallow

December 12, 2017 12:52
Kj Rowley
The small capsules are fine; they are easy to swallow. Which may be why that large bottle appears to be empty... Do you have any smaller bottles?

Doesnít help me

December 5, 2017 21:32
Stuart Christensen
This doesnít help me, too bad

Best of the best

October 30, 2017 21:19
Michael Mountford
I am very happy with how fast you react to emails and the fast delivery of the product. Iím very happy about it, also with the price. Best of the best.

Couldnít be better

October 26, 2017 17:33
Roy Chanturia
Super product, Q10 obtained through natural fermentation, in small, easy-to-swallow softgel capsules. Couldnít be better. I mix the content of a softgel capsule with my facial cream and my body lotion. And this super quality also has an unbeatable price.

Less fatigued

September 22, 2017 12:03
Anne James
Iíve been taking it for years. it helps me stay fit and I get less tired

No difference

July 27, 2017 11:52
Tom Whistance
Unfortunately I havenít noticed any difference. The delivery and the price were good though

Top-quality product

July 13, 2017 22:25
Roger Hadley
Top-quality product !!

Very satisfied

July 13, 2017 08:10
Jay Baron
Very satisfied with the product and also with the ordering system and the delivery.
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