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I find it very effective

April 25, 2021 10:43
Marina Zoni
I have been taking Arthro-5 for a few years now and I find it very effective.

Very energized

April 25, 2020 11:24
Nataliya Naugle
I felt very energized while taking these vitamins, will continue ordering them.

I wouldnít take anything else

June 25, 2018 12:40
Simon Ayling
Great multivitamin. I strongly recommend it. I feel so much better and am completely in balance. I wouldnít take anything else!

Body doesnít go haywire

June 4, 2018 14:16
Roger Bjerre
I have tried many multivitamin supplements. There was always something in them that made my body go haywire. With these nothing bothers me. Iíve been taking them for a few weeks and am already starting to feel more energetic and better. I can truly recommend these to you.


April 24, 2018 23:57
Freda Slinger
excellent in every respect, very happy with it!

The only multivitamin for me

April 18, 2018 20:44
Phil Mcilvenna
As far as Iím concerned the only multivitamin I want to spend my money on, and believe me, I have bought and tried lots of different ones in the past, obscure brands but also expensive brands that rich people like to spend their money on. Why do I choose this multivitamin above all those others? The realistically dosed composition, the price, the people who stand behind this brand and the fact that I donít notice any negative effect whatsoever, while Iíve been taking these since they came on the market.

Too expensive for me

April 17, 2018 23:20
Maria Clarke
For me itís too expensive regrettably, I have a small budget so I have to get cheaper ones at the drugstore, too bad because Iíd rather take these.

Improved condition

April 9, 2018 21:07
Malcolm Plummer
My general condition has considerably improved

Fast delivery

March 28, 2018 23:08
Douglas Malesic
Good supplement with fast delivery

Been enjoying it for years

March 28, 2018 17:49
Mihail Kater
Great product, weíve been enjoying it for years

Recovered really well

March 23, 2018 19:57
Lorraine Mazzola
Very good multivitamin, I recovered really well.

Too bad about the fish gelatine

March 18, 2018 17:31
Carl Leander
Wonderful product, but itís too bad about the fish gelatine

Great, but not cheap

March 16, 2018 14:32
Primoz Zwanenberg
Natural Multi is a terrific product. I exercise five times a week and the extra vitamins are a terrific supplementation to my diet. Unfortunately natural vitamins arenít cheap.

Natural and good

March 15, 2018 13:27
Andrew Aitken
A natural and good supplement

The difference is clearly noticeable

February 21, 2018 19:12
Sue Nowers
One can clearly notice that this multivitamin is natural. The synergy in health support is much better than with the synthetic multivitamins of other brands. After using it for three months I stopped taking other supplements without it having an effect on my well-being. Kris is someone who possesses a lot of the right knowledge in the world of nutritional supplements.
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