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Pills are bit to big

August 29, 2017 15:14
Grant Henshaw
In general I am happy with this multivitamin. I like the contents, but not so much the size of the pills. I have difficulty swallowing them. So I open them and squeeze out the contents, which I can then mix with food.

Not from a pharmaceutical plant

August 2, 2017 20:46
Cynthia Campbell
It was difficult to find a supplier of a natural multivitamin preparation, luckily I found this! By now even regular doctors are admitting that if you take vitamin supplements, you’d better make sure that they come from natural sources instead of a pharmaceutical plant. Just read the book of Dr. Brian R. Clement. We are in any event very happy with this product, the many health benefits are abundantly clear.

Clean multivitamin

July 22, 2017 21:04
Gareth Tipppett
exceptionally pleased with this clean multivitamin!
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